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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mindful Mess

I have a question for you. Do you find yourself drawing differently depending on what type of medium/substrate you use? Or WHAT you’re drawing/sketching?
I find when I’m drawing certain subjects I give myself waypoints so I don’t get too out of whack.
But other times I just put pen to paper and let ‘er rip!

For some reason that’s the way I roll in my black sketchbook.  I have no idea why. What in my brain tells me to just wing it in that particular place?? All the sketches are totally lacking symmetry and scale and are completely out of kilter.
And let’s not even discuss the lettering!
But it’s by far my favorite sketchbook!!!

This is an exercise from the ‘Yellow’ class. Draw a mess. A mindful drawing, taking your time. It’s the view of the table when I sit in the 'Grandpa’ chair (which explains the point of view and some of the wackiness!)
The muse is being kind today.  
This page makes me smile! 


  1. Lovely page!!. Your thoughts are very interesting and I share your opinion ;)

  2. Mindfulmess! :-D I love it. I usually approach working in my journals as Wabi Sabi: Nothing is perfect, nothing is complete, nothing is permanent.

  3. I wish I could 'let myself rip' I am still striving to 'loosen up' but I am enjoying working in my 'little black (Moleskine) book' which is my first 'real ' sketchbook. Have I used too may inverted commas here? Lol!

  4. My sketching varies depending on 1. the subject and 2. the pen I'm using. No idea why, it just is what it is. Now off to google the word substrate!!

  5. yes, definitely! i find that different paper just behaves in its own way. so the result will never be what you think.


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