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Friday, September 29, 2017


When I was in my teens I longed for cleavage. I was always described as ‘cute’ or ‘pixie-ish’ with the body of a young boy.
What I really wanted to be was curvaceous, voluptuous, zaftig!
I wanted guys to look at me and drool.

My mother used to be able to tuck a note (or my rent) into her cleavage and it would STAY there.
Me? I’d tuck something into mine and it would fall to the floor!
(A point my family would often joke about.)

Well, I’ve gotten my wish.
Now that gravity is having its way with me I have to hoist the girls back up to where they belong!
And I now have the desired cleavage.

Unfortunately it has come too late.
I may have the desired cleavage but on the body of a Grandma it’s kinda’ wasted……..

Be careful what you wish for is all I’m sayin’! 


  1. Yes! I hear what your saying. Especially when you try to take a selfie Lol!

  2. I never had cleavage either when young. I remember trying on a plunging neckline bridesmaid's dress for my cousin's wedding. The dress looked beautiful on the other girls. Not me. The girls called me chicken breasts. Doesn't improve with age, either.


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