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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Not All Experiments Work Out…..

I wanted to see if I could (or if I liked) working in a large format. I think my mistake was doing it in watercolor.
I enlarged a pose of Simon and lightly sketched it onto a piece of watercolor paper 22” x 30”.
Then it sat on my easel…and sat and sat and sat….
I inked in his eyes, mouth and whiskers and it sat some more.
I don’t know why I was so apprehensive to add the watercolor but I was. I finally mustered up the courage to just do it…….
AAAAAAND……now you see why I was so intimidated/scared/hesitant

Husband asked “What are you going to do with it?” 
I guess I’ll cut it up and use it in collages or just use the other side of the paper for other things.
But now I know….
·       I don’t like working in a larger format in watercolor. It might be okay for abstracts but not for portraits.
·       No matter how well you stretch the paper it still warps and buckles.
·       It’s too much of a commitment to work this large. I feel like I’m wasting the ‘good’ paper.
·       It has reinforced the fact that mistakes aren’t the end of the world.
·       You learn more from a disaster than a success.
·       I could probably win an award for procrastination it sat on the easel for so long!!!!
·       Failure isn’t a catastrophe.

Not a bad lesson for the cost of one piece of paper I’d say. 


  1. Although your feelings, Simon looks happy with the result!!

  2. I think you're too critical with yourself. But as you said, you now know what to watch out for if you want to work large again.

  3. Dear Simon, could you tell the Artist that working on large paper is very freeing, you can get big gesture strokes with a brush. Plus, could you ask the Artist to try some other paper, this could have been too thin and couldn't cope with the water. Heavier paper works better. Also, if you wouldn't mind, tell the Artist she should mix plenty of paint first, before applying it to the drawing - wet the paper with Clear water on all the areas she wants the paint to be, ... wait til the Shine goes from the paper, then load her paint onto the brush and drop it on the pre-wetted area. This method helps give a smooth painted finish and avoids the use of masking fluid (since the paint will only follow the pre-wetted areas). Amen.

  4. I find it difficult working large in all mediums. At least you've learned a few lessons for next time. Btw you will have to get past me if you want that procrastination award.Lol!

  5. Great attitude. Experimenting is what it's all about in a way. I found out awhile back that I too love working small.


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