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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I Can’t Wait to Show You….

Even though it’s not finished.

So it started off here….sort of. I forgot to take a before picture, I almost always forget to take a before picture….but you get the idea.

And then came the new machines. The unbelievably, amazingly, ridiculously priced machines! 

And then the new layout and cabinets. We’re still waiting for the delivery of the sink and faucet, and Husband needs to make the counter and back splash but I couldn’t wait to show you! 

And the funny thing is, even with more in the room it seems BIGGER! I’m loving how it’s turning out! Pretty soon Husband will ‘hand me the keys’ as he puts it and I’ll be able to add those nice little touches… like art on the walls, and a beautiful new rug. I also get to put everything back in the cabinets!  

I won't go into details, because that would be totally boring, but....Husband had to 'finesse' the cabinets to fit into the space we have (the sink cabinet was 1 1/2" too big to fit in between the machines and the other cabinet.) And that piece above the machines he had to design and make from scratch because the room is a weird shape and that part is at an angle....I warned you the details were boring.....What I'm saying is he is awesome and incredibly talented and he can do MATHS! 

(PS If the picture looks a little 'wonky' in places it's because I used the panorama mode to get it all into one shot.) 


  1. Maths is great in re-arranging, but decorating with art and carpets is much more fun!

  2. This looks brilliant. The machines look like they mean Business for sure! Oh, and your cupboards are the same design as in our kitchen - who would have thought we would like the same design ;)

  3. You are lucky to have such a handy Hubbie. Get studying those user manuals on those machines.Lol!

  4. Beatutiful laundry room.And all that cabinet space! Your washer/dryer looks like it could go to the moon. Have fun!

  5. Looks great already! Much better than having them side by side!

  6. You are one lucky lady! A talented and handy hubby AND a new (and amazing!) laundry room


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