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Friday, October 13, 2017

When You Think Your Husband is Losing His Mind

But it turns out it’s YOU!

Over the past several weeks we’ve noticed the dishwasher has been leaving little puddles on the floor for us to discover in the mornings. It’s old, well past its prime and predicted life span so, we have no complaints. But we still use it, while waiting for a replacement part.

Apparently it’s demanding more of our attention. Instead of just a small puddle in front of the machine it has decided to branch out into the living room. Thankfully into the unfinished part of the living room, the part where the old tiles have already been taken up but not re-tiled yet with the new ones so it’s bare concrete with splotches of white paint. I tell you this part so you’ll have more sympathy for me and see this tale from my point of view…..

Last night as we lay in bed listening to the offending machine, Husband mentioned he put down a piece of paper towel to see if it really IS the dishwasher causing the lake to form in the living room every night. Which, of course, made me get up to look because I can’t NOT look when someone says something like that.

So, there I am, standing in semi-darkness, looking for a paper towel to see if it’s wet. 

I see a trickle of  water spreading out across the room…..I see the concrete darkening from being wet.....but I DON’T see a paper towel. I turn on a light……wet, yes….paper towel no…….

I go back to the bedroom and ask, “You put down a paper towel?” “Yes,” says Husband.

I go back to the living room….and I look again. Nothing. No paper towel….just water.

I worry about Husband sometimes…..he seems to be getting just a little forgetful lately…so of course I go back into the bedroom to chide him about THINKING about putting down a paper towel but forgetting to do it.

He gets up, walks into the living room, turns on another light and points triumphantly at the soggy paper towel. 
Of course when I take a picture the flash illuminates the paper towel beautifully for all to see!

In my defense he had folded the paper towel in half….I was looking for a WHOLE paper towel….AND it was so totally drenched it was practically transparent! It blended in perfectly with the splotches of white paint on the concrete!
Of course none of that mattered because now I was the one staring senility in the face!

File this under any number of headings: #fadingeyesight…........#karmasabitch…..…#boomerangeffect…......#nevertrytomakefunofyourHusband….. take your pick! 


  1. Lol. My husband is losing it to but he’ll tell you it’s me. Aargh!

  2. I can just imagine you two bickering about senility :-D But what I am wondering is how that small piece of paper towel can tell you whether or not it's the dishwasher making the puddle ... ??

  3. I'm with you. He should have used a full sheet. Nay, a full roll! You're just fine. The rest of the world is nuts.

  4. You can't be expected to see a folded soaking wet paper towel in semi darkneess now can you? Don't be too hard on yourself lol!

  5. So can I clarify before we go further - Your husband put down a piece of paper he felt pretty sure would end up transparent, that obviously he must have realised. But did you find out for sure where the leak was coming from?


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