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Tuesday, August 7, 2018


This is a disclaimer of sorts……

A disclaimer of my failing memory.

After eight years of blogging I’m forgetting which stories I’ve told and which ones I haven’t shared with you yet. In these cases I do a search of the blog so I won’t re-post something I’ve already shared.

EXCEPT….I’m not finding them….. 

I search using a keyword that I’m pretty sure I used in the story, and it brings up some posts but not the one I’m looking for. And I SWEAR I’ve posted it already….I even think I remember some of the comments people made about it!

Unless I’m hallucinating….which isn’t out of the realm of possibility….…..

I’ve decided not to obsess or worry about my failing memory and just plow right ahead.

So, if I’ve already told some of these stories, I apologize….just think of me like your crazy Aunt Glady who tells the same stories over and over again every Thanksgiving…….

(everybody loves a re-run, right?)


  1. Good stories are worth telling a hundred times!

  2. I've tried looking for blog posts I know I've written and can't find them either. But I don't worry about it.

  3. I wouldn't worry your stories are worth hearing again

  4. I love your stories - re-runs or not, please continue sharing them, they always make me smile ;)


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