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Friday, August 10, 2018

I’m Not Lost, YOU’RE Lost

When Son2 was little he had the annoying (and frustrating, and SCARY) habit of wandering away from us when we were in public. To the point where both Husband and I would hold onto his wrist with a death grip. 
We initiated this practice the MINUTE after he dashed out of the limousine and into the crowd to see the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza……giving his mother a heart attack!

We would try and give him a little freedom where we thought it would be safe.

One such place/occasion was when we went to Barnes & Noble bookstore. How much trouble could he get into in a bookstore I reasoned? I would deposit him in the kids section and tell him I would be in arts and crafts if he needed me. A short time later I went to look for him but he wasn’t in the kids section anymore.

Being used to his meandering I wasn’t worried. I started to look for him. I looked in the café, no Son2….I looked in the magazine section…..no Son2…..this particular store had a magic section so I looked there….nope….no kid……
I went back to the arts and crafts section thinking he went there to find me and that’s when I heard over the loudspeaker: “Will Son2’s mother please come to the information desk. He says you’re lost.”


I had to laugh because of course HE wasn’t lost, I was!

When I got to him he was upset and mad at ME for not being where I said I would be!

I think he finally got the point though because after that he didn’t seem to wander quite so far or so often……


  1. LOL! Mothers are a nuisance getting lost all the time!

  2. ....and it had to be ANNOUNCED over a LOUDSPEAKER in PUBLIC. And I would have gone for subtle in private, as if! 🤣

  3. I hate that sinking feeling you get when you turn around and they are not there. It happened to me once when my daughter was little when she wandered just a few feet outside a shop door to watch a street entertainer.


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