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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Going My Own Way

Did I tell you I was taking ANOTHER online class this week?

Creating Simple Characters with Nelleke Verhoeff

I want to work on bodies/poses for all the faces I’ve drawn over the years. To develop characters: full bodied, fleshed out characters. I seem to have trouble with that. I don’t know why I do and I thought this class might loosen me up and help get me over the hump as it were…..

Turns out it’s making me tighter and more conscious of the fact that I suck at it! LOL

So…..in typical Robin fashion, I decided to do my own thing albeit with the lessons in the back of my mind.  I mean, as my mother used to say, “Why reinvent the wheel?”

So I’m using the bits and bobs from the PDF’s I shared a while ago and mixing it up with collage and ‘finessing’ it digitally.

I FINALLY came up with a few that don’t suck and actually made me laugh. I figure if I laugh or smile it’s not a total loss, right?

It’s a beginning anyway…..


  1. I lift my hat with respect! I'm too lazy to learn anything new, but you take classes after classes!

    Your figures are hilarious and also the texts!!!

  2. I think we've talked about taking some of these classes and end up being a clone of the instructor. It's good to find your own voice, and I think you did that magnificently. You have a wonderful, whimsical and quirky style. Don't lose that.


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