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Friday, October 25, 2019

I’m 66 Years Old and……

My mother is still helping me with my spelling!

It’s no secret I am a world class failure when it comes to spelling. I always have been. (Thank goodness for spell check!)

When I was in elementary school and had to learn weekly spelling words my mother used to help me. She’d use anything she could to help me remember how to spell each word. Visualization, associations, repetition, but mostly a form of mnemonics.

She would come up with a way to pronounce the words I was having trouble with. And it would cement it into my memory forever.

Apparently it worked!

I have trouble with repeating letters for some reason. Does ‘tomorrow’ have two M’s or two R’s? I could never remember. To this day whenever I have to spell tomorrow I hear her in my head saying, “Spell tomo-RRRR-ow” as she would repeat the R sound several times so I would know it was a double R not a double M!

I might have spell check now but I also have a fond memory that makes me smile every single time I spell tomorrrrrrrow!

Thanks mom!

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