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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Still Working on the Simple Character Class

I'm supposed to be working on an accordion book to put them in. I will, I will.....eventually!
For now I'm just having fun playing!

I get to the point where I'm afraid to do anymore for fear of 'ruining' what I've already done (like it matters, LOL) so I scan them into TableyToo and play with them digitally.

Eventually I'll get over the fear and finish them IRL but for now I'm having too much fun! (And it's an good excuse not to clean! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)
I'll work on their bodies digitally. 

I'm going to call these "Guys in Ties" 
I'll add shirts to them....maybe one of them will get to be 
Whadya think? 

This is Lewis. He is not amused. 

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