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Monday, April 4, 2011

Tombow Pens

This week’s lesson for Jane LaFazio’s watercolor class is shoes. I like shoes.
Well, I don’t like wearing them but sketching them I thought would be fun.
And it is.
Except……..part of the lesson was to use Tombow pens. I didn’t have any. I didn’t even know what they were! So, out I go to buy some.
I found a pack with several colors, one of which was pink. Okay, this is good. I’ll do my pink ‘slip ons’ as one of the sketches. I’m good to go.
Apparently I need much more practice with Tombow’s! Bwhahahahaha

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  1. Your shoe looks nice! Yes, I found out tombow pens take practice. I almost had a black page the first time I used one!

    I haven't done my shoe yet. I went out to California so am behind on everything including reading blogs. I see your post down below for a pay-it-forward. I'm just not up for a pay-it-forward just now. I did one once but it didn't work out too well and not being home for several weeks just makes it a no-go right now for me. I'm surprised no one joined in though. Your cards look really nice.


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