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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Been Having Trouble

The past week or so I’ve hit a real block. Every time I sit down to sketch, the page just stares up at me and seems so say ‘I dare you!’ It’s been a real effort to put pen to paper.


So, I decided to do some silly little exercises to see if it would jump start me.

I liked Carla Sonheim’s little Tombow bunny tutorial and thought it was just the thing to get me going.

I swear, someday my husband is going to call the authorities and have them take me away.

Here I sit, drawing mostly unrecognizable ‘beings’ and laughing myself silly.

Ah, Carla, for the ‘art of silly’ I heartily thank you!


  1. I love your "wabbits"! Especially the last one. What is blocked about this? Nothing. It's fun is what it is. I saw my daughter's cat sitting on a table looking outside. He wanted out but it was too late and he could be prey for the local owl. I found it the perfect opportunity to draw his outline as you did here and finish it a la Carla Sonheim. I'll have to post it after I get to my sister's and can scan it in. I did him from the back side so didn't need to do eyes or anything but he's a real memory in my journal now. So go have some more fun and do some more of these!

  2. doesn't bear thinking about, our bunnies getting together - I can picture a room full of paper bunnies ;)


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