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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Reflections in a Golden Eye

Another in the self imposed challenge of ‘a creature a day’.

I made several ink blots in different colors and left them on my work table.

Every day as I walk past the table I turn them this way and that, until I see something.
Most times I see several different creatures, so I have to decide on one (or make copies.)

When I settle on something I sit down and start.
And when I’m done it’s totally different than what I saw! LOL

This is a very interesting experience. I’m forced to let go of control and just let it develop. Sometimes I like what happens, sometimes I don’t.

This is one of the ‘I like what happened’.
(Originally it was was going to be a face. I started with the eye and this little guy just popped out!)
ink blot on card stock, micron pen, vine charcoal (thank you Carla, it's growing on me! LOL) Photoshop (for the swirls.)


  1. Ah...I love it. Has this one got a name? and will it be meeting up with Newton?

  2. The ink blot series are GREAT.

  3. this is ADORABLE! I love the mirror image

  4. Love it! Love the orange background, the reflection & swirls, and the shadows - he's adorable :) & I'm so with you on the letting go of perfect-thing!


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