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Sunday, November 27, 2011

What I Think About When I Draw

As I draw, my mind wanders. (Actually, it wanders all the time, but I digress, LOL!)

If I am drawing a creature or a person I start to wonder what is the back story to this character?
What is his/her name?
Where do they come from?
Do they have a family?
What is the family like?
Do they have siblings?
Do they live in a house, or a tree or an apartment?
In a city or in the country?

If I’m drawing a ‘thing’ I begin to wonder where it came from.
How it was made?
Who made it?
When was it made?
Who owned it before I did?

I think this comes from a game our family used to play when I was growing up.
My father started the game. 

He would pick out a person in the crowd and start a story about them. Then he would look to one of us to continue. It would pass around to all the family members, becoming more and more convoluted and funny until it got back to my father and he would finish it.
Some of them were hysterical, although I don’t remember any details; I do remember laughing a lot.
He would always pick out a person who, how shall I say this…….had an outstanding attribute.

And later on if we saw someone similar, just a single word from my father (referring to the story and the person it was about) would send us into fits of laughter! 

This would bring stares from the people around us which would only fuel the laughter!

So…..what do you think of as you draw?


  1. I'm don't think about a back story when I draw. I do think about how will I add texture, or shading. While drawing letters for calligraphy I think of where I have to add pressure to make thick strokes or decrease pressure for thins. i try not to think about what I have to make for dinner or if I paid a bill or what time I have to pick up this one.

  2. I think it's fairly obvious that I don't ;)

  3. I don't consciously think when I draw or paint, but when I sit back, I make a whole story up about it! xx


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