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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All I Can Say Is……..

Cats are definitely weird!

For some inexplicable reason the cat has taken to using the utility sink in the laundry room as her personal potty!

Do you think she read the post where I complained about her litter box and took offense? LOL


  1. ruh roh - well at least it's in the utility sink!

  2. I agree with Annie. At least kitty was kind enough to use an easy to clean spot and not your living room rug!

  3. Perhaps she is trying to tell you to buy a potty seat for the toilet! LOL.

  4. LOL!!! Your illustration made me laugh out loud - really! I totally sympathize with you, but a utility sink is waaaay better than your chair, the couch, your bed... don't ask me how I know that :-)


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