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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Opposite of Sophistication

When I was fifteen, we moved back to New York.
I was thrilled. 
Moving to the most exciting city in the world was, well, exciting!
My parents looked for places to live in different areas, one of them being a high rise. 
This was exciting too. 
I had never lived anywhere except the ‘burbs in a single family house.
To live in an apartment building set my mind to racing! 
(I thought I was going to be so cool! LOL)
As it turned out my parents dismissed this choice when they found out I would have to take the subway to and from school each day.
My mother said, “No way! They’ll eat her alive!”
I was totally insulted!
So much for my sophisticated life!


  1. What a great story Robin, hope you enjoyed your time in NY. Love your painting, VERY sophisticated!

  2. I can only guess how excited you must have been, then how disappointed! Your piece of sophisticated art above in great, as is your King of the Jungle below.

  3. Subways - tubes- not all they're cracked up to be!
    Found your blog through Dion and am now following xx


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