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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Skeletons in the Closet

Growing up I always knew there was some sort of scandal in the family. When we would visit the grandparents there would be hushed conversations that would abruptly stop when I came within earshot.

As I grew older, I found out that the skeleton was Great Grandpa.

One day Great Grandpa went out for a paper and never came back.
Just up and left.
Abandoning his wife.

My grandfather never forgave him.
Apparently my grandfather was the only one who knew the whole story and it went to the grave with him. He never even told my grandmother.

Grandma told me that, years later, she thought she saw Great Grandpa down the street, staring at the house. She said he just looked for a long time and then went away.

I’ve always wondered why he left. But as I grew older the why didn’t seem as important as the where.

Where did he go? Did he have a mistress that he went to? What did he do? Did he marry again? Did he have more children?

I suspect he was quite the rapscallion!
I only have a few pictures of him. But this is my favorite. 
This is circa 1924, and the little girl is my mother.
How can you not like a guy with a mustache like that? LOL


  1. Goodness, what a story to have in your family! I've always wondered about people who just up and leave like that...how sad on the one hand but how brave on the other. Perhaps he just hit his mid-life crisis at that time? Still, all families have something.

  2. Wow Robin, what an interesting story. Everybody has mystery and don't you just love trying to figure them out. There could be a million different reasons why he left, and I'll probably lie awake all night thinking them all through. This kind of story really captures my imagination. Of course, My heart goes to your Great Grandma who was abandoned. How did she continue I wonder. What strength she must have had. Thanks again for sharing. xx


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