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Monday, May 20, 2013

600 Million Dollars

The Power Ball Lottery was up to 600 million dollars this weekend so, of course, we played! LOL
As we drove to the store to buy the tickets we fantasized about what we would do when we win.
(See how I did that? Positive statement….WE WILL WIN!)
Anyway….. Husband laid out his plan to pay off all debts for family members and set them up for life. This included a mansion for each person filled with beautiful girls.
And of course one for us…..filled with beautiful girls.
I asked, “So what’s in it for me? Do I get a bunch of 'boy toys'?”
His answer was “No, but I’ll get you a new car. And you can cook for me because the girls won’t know how.”

I think it’s time for a remedial course in MARRIAGE for Husband.

(PS We didn’t win L)


  1. Agree, more training required! :)

  2. we didn't win either :(

    so what kind of new car would you have picked ?? :)

  3. I think it's a good thing you didn't win. Gotta get that man more training before you DO win.

  4. Wow, yes, I'm with bohemiannie - thank your lucky stars you're not now cooking, cleaning and out running everyone's errands in that oh-sure-I-got-a-new-car of yours?! Serious training in order, I say ;)

  5. Yes, he needs some remedial training! No cooked dinners for a month?


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