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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tree Trouble

The road to true art never runs smoothly….
Or something like that, LOL.
This tree is giving me trouble. It won’t harden properly.
Couldn’t possibly be poor planning on the artists’ part :(
So now I’m trying to salvage it by ‘infusing’ it with Paverpol.
It needs to stand upright (without slowly ‘wilting’) and be able to support the bird on one of its branches.
I’m not willing to give up yet!
I'm squirting the Paverpol inside with an old glue bottle and hoping gravity will help!

And it will eventually dry!

Fingers crossed!


  1. Never give up! Am interested to see this...UP

  2. If it was easy to accomplish, everyone would do it. (-; Looking forward to hearing how you solve the problem.

  3. "I will achieve this". "I will achieve this". Just keep repeating that mantra...it will happen. If not, it does look interesting the other way up....some 'artists' would talk the hind leg off a donkey to convince an audience it is meant to be that way and 'Says' something deep and meaningful....So, Robin, there is always a fall back. lol. :)

  4. I love your determination and perseverance! AND...you are Oh So Clever! It WILL work!

  5. Oh yes - I love your tenacity, your perseverance and your awesome art ideas :D And 'textile hardener/fiber sculpting medium' - who knew?! I had to click your link :) Looking forward to see the tree downside-up too! And another mantra for you: 'this doesn't change me' ;)


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