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Monday, May 6, 2013

Minnie & Will

As much as my paternal grandparents were a bit…….stern, my maternal grandparents were as cute as could be.
Grandma looked like Mrs. Claus and Grandpa was just as adorable.

One of his favorite sayings was, “Minnie’ll skin me alive!” as he chuckled at the thought of Grandma scolding him.

He was very handy around the house.
Always tinkering with this or that.
I guess out of necessity. But he was good at it.
He could fix anything.

One fine day he decided it was time to fix the light in the kitchen.
It was a hanging light in the middle of the room that had a pull chain with a glowing knob on the end of the chain so you could find it in the dark.

He took the red step stool that was always in the kitchen over to the light and climbed up with his screwdriver in hand.

Grandma stood at the sink preparing dinner.
She said, “Will, you’d better turn off the power before you do that.”
He replied “Aw Min, I know what I’m doing!” (and he winked at me.)
No sooner were the words out of his mouth when his screwdriver touched the live wire and knocked him off the step stool and right on his ass!
Grandma didn’t even turn her head as she said, “I told you, turn off the power.”

I wasn’t sure what to do or say, but then Grandpa started laughing so I did too!


  1. Aww poor Grandpa what a shock! You obviously have some lovely memories of them.

  2. Hahaha :D Love the image :D And your drawing :D And it's been way, WAY too long since I was last here... X!

  3. Sort of reminds me of my kid, the other day, too. We were walking past a pasture (oh, how poetic!) and I warned him the fence next to him could be electric, so not to touch it. He misunderstood, was slightly behind me and happily caught up, skipping. 'Nope. It isn't barbed wire, mom, I could grab it without getting cut!' Luckily, it wasn't electric, either ;) Ah, kids and grandads, eh?! ;)

  4. :-D. My auntie had the same Felix clock in her kitchen. And that red step stool!

  5. Cute story. I like your picture too.

    I DID turn the power off when I cleaned my oven years ago but still got zapped onto my butt when I got near the light bulb in the oven. My husband (an electronics technician in the navy at the time)said being knocked back is a good thing and it happens with our house voltage. With stronger voltage your muscles will clamp onto what you were touching and you keep getting shocked. I didn't worry about it; I just never cleaned a several inch path around a light bulb again!

  6. Great story! Love the drawing- the Felix clock and the red step stool looks familiar.

  7. I too LOVE the story and the drawing! Glad Grandpa was okay and that you could all laugh about it! Wonderful memories!

  8. Great illo and story. They sound like great fun :)


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