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Monday, December 16, 2013

Because it was There

To quote the people who willingly, insanely, on purpose climb Mt Everest for no apparent reason other than because ‘it was there.’

I sketched one of our patio chairs……‘because it was there.’

My way of thinking is much more sensible if you ask me.


  1. Makes a lot more sense to me too. And after sketching it, you can sit in it and enjoy the pool…the water…the sun. And you can say, I did it.

  2. i'm with you, sister! i don't understand hobbies that could potentially be fatal.

    although i could get lead poisoning or something like that. but chances are slim :)

  3. I guess some people really want an insane challenge but your patio chair looks really inviting. I like the drawing.

  4. Looks very comfy to me, much better than climbing some hill ! lol.

  5. I like your chair. Like your thinking too!


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