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Monday, December 9, 2013

It’s Like Going to the Grocery Store Without a List

I sit down at the computer to look something up. Yay, Google.
But before I do, I think I’ll just take a quick peek at Facebook. (It’s a disease.)
Hours and heaven knows how many links later I finally get up because I either have to go to the bathroom or I’ve been sitting so long I’m getting achy. 

As I walk away I realize I never did get around to looking up what I initially sat down for!
Just like going to the grocery store without a list.

You come home with bags full and without the one item you went to purchase in the first place!


  1. That's me, I get so sidetracked, lol

  2. i don't know what you're talking about…that never happens to me :)

    truthfully…i am constantly sending myself reminders on my phone. literally reminders to ping in 5 minutes so I don't forget WHY i came into a certain room of the house.

    i tell myself I'm organized. Not forgetful :)

  3. No. That never, ever happens to me.


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