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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

If These Balls Could Talk……

Get it? ………hahahahahaha (I crack myself up!)

I often wonder what thoughts inanimate objects have.
I’m sure they have them.
From my experience they are very opinionated little imps.

Each year we decorate the tree and talk about all the ornaments. 
Who made them, when they were made or where they came from.
We reminisce about Christmases past and I begin to wonder what memories the shiny little balls I inherited from my parents must have.

Some of them are older than I am. 
(I know it’s hard to imagine anything older than me, but try.)

They must have hung on my parents trees through the years even before BigBrother or I came along.
What stories could they tell……..?

All about the time my parents were living in their first apartment, just after my father came back from overseas. 
How nice it was to be hanging on a small tabletop tree. 
My parents sitting together in the warm glow of the Christmas lights. 
Two small packages tied with red ribbon under the boughs.

Then being lovingly packed away in tissue paper……emerging every year to adorn increasingly larger trees.
Children and friends ‘oh-ing and ah-ing’ at their breathtaking shimmeringness.

They are a bit dimmer now.
Slightly worn and dusty.

And every year I wish for a miracle….that they could tell me their stories……………….


  1. What a lovely thought....and love your drawing. Have a great Christmas :)

  2. Beautiful Christmas memories…even those you make up. (They're the best sometimes).

  3. very nice drawing!! we have lots of old ornaments, too. lots of good memories there…

    merry christmas!!


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