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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

29 Faces #18

I’m pushing myself with this, watercolor (on cheap paper.)
It’s still a WIP…….I can’t seem to loosen up enough to let the medium do its thing.

I may or may not finish this……..she's pi**ing me off........


  1. Maybe it's not you, but the paper. I like the color of her eyes

  2. She looks rather sad that you are letting her go. Cheap paper makes painting difficult. It even makes colored pencil work difficult which is what I am doing right now. So not worth it and I will try to use this journal up as a planner tool only. Try watercolor on some good paper!

  3. She looks as though having gone to the shops for the vital ingredient of a special meal, she got home and realised she'd forgotten it!

  4. i think she's bewildered that she pissed you off! and she's quite lovely.

  5. Don't know why that is happening...I think she is puzzling about it too. She looks great to me.

  6. She does look a bit puzzled. Like" what'ya me I'm pissing YOU off?!"
    I like the line work in the hair.

  7. WIP? she's done!! she's gorgeous!!

    yeah, and it's the paper! always blame the paper!!


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