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Monday, February 24, 2014

29 Faces #24

I never thought in a million years I’d ever say this but……......... I’m getting tired of making faces!
I’m losing my face mojo……the muse has left the building…….and it shows.
Husband said if I’m not having fun I can stop, but I promised myself I’d do the WHOLE month. 
And I’m just obstinate enough to stick it out! 
So there!
Good thing there are only four more days!

So here is lousy #24…..LOL


  1. Looks like a gal from the 60's to me! I am cheering you on from over the pond...go on you can make it to the end of the challenge....how about different hair colours to see you through to the end! [trying to help your mojo :-) ]

  2. A few more days to go....!

    She enjoys her bubble bath!!

  3. I'm cheering you on, too. How about some more of your upside downers?

  4. It is only when we have used up all our regular ways that true creativity appears. I am in the cheering section for you. I think using a tablet/phone/computer is a great way to learn a program and that may just be for my next faces challenge.

  5. only a few more days to go … you can do it!!

  6. Miss Sophie (sophisticate) looks great. She just needs that string of pearls around her neck.

    Why not try something different for the last couple of days. Try a 3/4 profile face or a doggie face. Did someone say that they had to be human?


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