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Thursday, February 27, 2014

29 Faces #27 (a&b)

Stretch, they say. 
Try something new, they say. 
Leave your comfort zone, they say.
I stretched!

I have several drawing/painting apps on Tablet. 
I’ve gotten comfortable with Sketchbook Pro but the others are still uncharted territory.
So I tried Infinite Painter.

Let me preface this with I am NOT a painter.

Although I guess you could figure that out for yourself, LOL!


(Not that I was aiming for it, but he looks a little like Alec Guinness doesn’t he?)

But it did give me a chance to play with the different brushes and see what they can do.
I’m not sure if the app is ‘buggy’ (sometimes they are) but I had some issues with it. 
Maybe it’s just me being ‘technology challenged’!
I’m sure someday I’ll figure it all out.


I guess I could just use it when I'm channeling Picasso!


  1. Wow, you wait til now to give us Picasso Pink House Studio.....love it :-)

  2. Oh I like Mr. Picasso! Mr. Potatohead could use some skin smoothing couldn't he? I haven't tried any of the art apps yet. Someday I'll get brave enough.

  3. i can just hear Alec as Obi Wan: These are not the brushes you are looking for. :-D And I love all the blue bits on the Picasso gal

  4. I like a's ears. They're cute. And I like the play with colors and sprinkling of the yellow dots on "b." You've definitely stretched. Bet you had fun anyway.

  5. Love that you had fun with these!!! You're going out with a bang with AGObiWan and Mr. Picasso Potatohead. They're both awesome.

  6. You turned Alec into Pablo, great work :D Love them both!

  7. aaaaahhhh...your true creative self emerges! 'Picasso' needs to be put on a canvas, framed or at least posted to the refrigerator. Great fun !


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