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Friday, February 7, 2014

29 Faces #7

And now for something completely different……

I’m feeling lazy so I just did a continuous line drawing of an imaginary subject.

And because it was fun I did it again! LOL


  1. very cool! i practice that sometimes with thread!…you could do free motion faces for some of your 29. :)

  2. Nice job! So that is #s 7 AND 8! Have to say, I still prefer guys with some hair!

  3. These are fun--I especially like the bottom one. It made me laugh, though I'm not sure why. Perhaps the droll expression.

  4. one line drawings are fun to do. i like how yours turned out. i'm drawn to the one on the bottom. pun intended :)

  5. How fun! Love the sketchy quality of these. Really cool continuous lines!


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