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Friday, February 10, 2017

29 Faces 2017: #7...?

I've lost count......I'm not holding myself strictly to a daily face, just so long as I end up with the requisite 29 at month's end, I'm good. 

I was looking for something different, some sort of inspiration. So I made up a handful of collaged pages. Just 'guidelines' if you will. Then I scanned them into Tabley and using my favorite app (Sketchbook Pro) I went to town. 
This is the second one (I think) I've done this way. I'm trying to push myself to get more 'depth' and using more layers. 

I'm liking the results.

Started with this:
And as he progressed I thought he looked like a Pharaoh. 
He ended up like this: 
But as I was falling asleep last night something about it kept niggling at my brain. 
I realized I had forgotten his eyeliner!
No self respecting Pharaoh would allow himself to be depicted without his eyeliner! 
He wouldn't let me wait until morning, I had to drag myself out of bed and fix him! 


  1. That's dedication. He turned out great. I like the way you have incorporated a painted background.

  2. What a great face, he definitely had to be a pharaoh.

  3. Oh, I believe I saw him when I visited the valley of kings in Luxor!

  4. Wow. Great job. I love the first picture, too. This Pharaoh should totally appreciate you.

  5. He would be proud to have you be his "artist of the court". Great painting.

  6. i can't decide which I like better. I love the collage and how much depth you put in it. Your faces are always fabulous, but the eyeliner really made the Pharoah. Great detail.

  7. I'm so happy you have joined in again Robin :-) You always have the greatest ideas for faces. I really like how you started this, and the end result is almost unrecognizable from the starting point. Love the background shining through.... Well done!

  8. The eyeliner makes all the difference :)

    Things have been crazy for me lately so I missed out on 29 Faces this year. I love that challenge. Ah, well, maybe next year. Looking forward to seeing your faces.


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