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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Slow Cooker Update: Getting Better…….

Second recipe in the slow cooker.
I used this: Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls as a starting point.

But I ‘tweaked’ it because….well, I’m me and I just can’t leave well enough alone. Plus it tasted kind of flat…..
In the interest of full disclosure my tweaks included: a splash of white vinegar to give it a bit of zip, a can of tomato soup because I over did it with the chopped meat and it was kind of dry and I only bought the one jar of tomato sauce…………
and white rice (Chinese take out) because, low carb be damned!
(Also, I ALWAYS doctor the tomato sauce with a pinch of sugar {or sweetener of your choice} and a dash of cream, because that’s the way I roll!)

I was smart this time and set it on HIGH!

As a review of the new slow cooker I have this to say:
I LOVE that you can do the whole prep in the cooker, sauté the onions and cook the ground beef and not have to mess around with a bunch of pots and pans and utensils.
You can change the temp as needed…or not.
You can even partially steam veggies if you want to cut down on the slow cook time (this detail has nothing to do with this particular recipe….just sayin’.)

The end product was tasty and I’m sure it will ‘develop’ an even better flavor over time.

I have enough leftovers for two more meals for the two of us (which is part of the reason to use a slow cooker to begin with, amiright?) 

And as a note to myself….I will buy some sour cream to either stir into the whole mess or just dollop on top of individual servings. (Leave it to me to take a healthy recipe and turn it into a heart stopping cause of death!)


  1. Lol, just a few tweaks! I was wondering about this recipe. Haven't tried it yet. I have an InstaPot which can sauté and then turn to either a pressure cooker or a slow cooker so I could use just the one pan too. I hate having to brown in one pan and transfer to another!

  2. Use lots of sour cream, because it's so damn good!

  3. Well there is cabbage in there somewhere. Lol!

  4. Well it looks very tasty to me. Adding extras is always fun. 🍽

  5. Glad the slow cooker worked for you. Have you tried on low again? I'm doing a slow cooker meal today, too. Ginger Peach Chicken.


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