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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

29 Faces 2017....con't

Here's another one. Started with this:
And got this:
I'm waaaaay behind, number wise, but I'm having fun doing them! 
So I don't care! ;)


  1. Wonderful face. I've got my eye on you! Doesn't matter if you're behind or not as long as you're enjoying the process.

  2. When I did 29 faces I felt under pressure trying to complete a face a day. I think you have got the right approach. Better to enjoy the experience. Your face is great. I'm liking the combination of collage and digital.

  3. Oh, what a metamorphoses, Robin! You're just great!

  4. i love the skin tones -- blues and greens and reds! very nice!

  5. omg these are great Robin! I would love to see you create them ...


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