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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Big ‘Ole Fail

Sometimes the best laid plans blah blah blah……..
I had a scathingly brilliant idea for the small wall on my side of the bed in our newly designed bedroom.
I thought it was brilliant.
So I bought all the necessary hardware, had Husband install the wires and proceeded to hang prints of my artwork.
I thought I would enjoy seeing the fruits of my artistic labors on a rotating permanent display.

As it turns out…...not so much! LOL
(Sorry about the blurry exposure.....)

Scathingly brilliant idea, take two…..
Have Husband build and install floating white shelves.
Add a touch of greenery, caricatures of the boys, pepper it with a piece or two of original artwork, add a giraffe and a tchotchke (or two) and there you have the perfect wall decoration (it’s still a work in progress but you get the idea.)
MUCH better! 

(I'm beginning to think we might actually finish the bedroom.....someday.....lol)


  1. Now set a small easel on the shelf and rotate your work! It looks nice. I have to admit to liking "take 2"better but you need to showcase your work. It's just a matter of finding the right way!

  2. I like both, but was thinking the same thing Timaree said. I rotate some ATCs and a set of affirmation cards each day. The ATCs are in an album turned roladex and the affirmations are displayed on a little easel. And is that a pink kitty? (-:

  3. Love your faces on the wall...but yep. Plan 2 is mo bettah. handy hubby! great job.

  4. I too love seeing your faces displayed on the wall, but agree that the depth and possibility of the floating shelves is the winner! Now just add a few of your faces on the shelf..... It looks great!


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