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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Organization is a Bitch Update

I finally finished! (and have the aching hands to prove it....)
I fit everything into four cases:
1. Copics
2. pencils
3. black pens/markers/brush pens etc. 
4. colored pens

I'm happy with the consolidation. I've only used this new system once so far. It was easy peasy. Grabbed the Copic case and lugged it over to where I was working. 
I like that they take up less space (look at all that shelf space just waiting for more books!) and that I don't have to dust them! Dusting your pens is a pain in the ass and just plain stupid, IMHO. 
So there you have it! Job well done. 
Just thought you'd like to know.

 The spaces left between pens is because the loops are so tight it's sometime difficult to get them in and out so I left myself some 'wiggle' room. 

 And I kept brands together...it appeals to the OCD in me! 

I even put my charcoal and smudgers in there! 


  1. You dust your pens? It's not dust, my dear, it's patina. (-; Your shelves look really beautiful. I like the white, turquoise and pink. You need to hire yourself out. I could use some help clean, purging, and organizing.

    Just a thought, if you really were as compulsively obsessed as you claimed, you'd list your disorder in proper, alphabetical order. CDO (-;

  2. Goodness, I haven't dusted my pens but I mostly keep them in a cupboard lol. Good job! Neatness is so great when it is also practical!

  3. Great!! I love it. Congratulations

  4. wow, perfect! Did you get all these cases on Amazon?

  5. Looking good! Now...let's see what you've been doing with them!

  6. Ooh, I like this! I live my life trying to become organized....

  7. I'm so envious! I also want to have an order like that!

  8. Wow! A job well done. Lots of space for more books.... Always a winner.

  9. WOW .... definitely won't be posting pictures of my unorganized chaos that is happening at the moment. Keep meaning to get organized, but it doesn't happen. Great job!!!


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