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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thoughts on a Thursday

I’ve been thinking…..gasp….I KNOW….she thinks! LOL
Anyway, since my father’s WWII photo album has ended and I think you must be sick of looking at my old family photos (don’t worry, I’ll probably go back to them when I run out of ideas to write about) I thought I might share some of the random things that pop into my head from time to time.
I’m still looking for a title.…. Thoughts on a Thursday…..Theoretical Thursdays…..Thoughtful Thursdays  (or Thoughtless…) we can work on that later……

The first one: I was thinking about where we come from. You know…..BIG THOUGHTS. I’ve heard a lot of theories on this one. I like the extraterrestrial theory best. I still think we’re an extraterrestrial’s fifth grade science fair project. Like sea monkeys in an aquarium. But now that she’s in high school and she’s lost interest she forgets to tend to us so we are running amok.
And I kept on thinking in this vein…..maybe the Soylent Green theory is right. Except we’re food for ‘them’. But then it begs the question….are we the appetizer, the entre, or dessert? Or are we some very rare delicacy like Japanese fugu? Or maybe we are to them like carbs are to us. We taste really good but we’re bad for them.....snack food. And the reason they haven’t come back for us is because they’re trying to clean up their act and eat more healthfully.

Oh, the possibilities……


  1. You know the scary part, is I completely see where you are coming from 😳😆

  2. I think they abandoned us because as you said we are running amok. I think they are trying to learn from their mistake and start over elsewhere.

    The Soylent Green theory made me laugh because I also thought of the Twilight Zone episode To Serve Man. Yum!

  3. hahahaa :-D I'm going to look forward to Thursdays ....:-)

  4. Yes I think Thursday's will be a great insight to how your mind work Robin. Mmmm! Yes! Thursday's could be very interesting.

  5. something to look forward to. Thursday Thoughts...i'm counting on some BIG thoughts now! :)

    As a fan of x-files, i tend to think we are some huge science experiment and they will be back to get us when the time is right.


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