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Friday, April 21, 2017

Organization is a Bitch

In all this house remodeling we are doing I have decided some downsizing and purging in the studio is in order too. I watched a video the other day and was inspired to wrangle my pens/pencils/markers into some sort of cohesive order…… {snort}
So I went on Amazon and bought myself some cases. 
I did a quick estimate and figured one 80 slot carrying case for the Copics would work and the 120 slot pencil holder would work for my pens/pencils.
They arrived yesterday and I happily lugged all my “stuff” out to the living room and began the organizing.

I may have more of a problem than I thought. :-/

The 80 slot case for the markers is about 100 slots too few….and we won’t even discuss the pencil/pen case.
I’ve decided I’ll donate all the markers that aren’t Copics and just divide the pens/pencils in half and donate them too…..wait……maybe I’ll keep the pens but donate the pencils….no wait……I may need those pencils someday……but wait……where am I going to keep them……sigh…..

I’ll be right back…..I have to go order something from Amazon………….
This is all the 'left over' stuff I don't have room for, hence the emergency order from Amazon. (And I'm not even showing the stuff  I'm donating to the art teacher......)


  1. I do understand! I've tried to organize and downsize too but what if you need them later? I just amazoned some new pens today that I thought weren't available anymore but that I love. There went $100 bucks real fast that I was not going to spend this month and goes so much against that downsizing thing!��

  2. You are JUST TOO funny! You Amazonaholic, you.

  3. Oh, those on the top are so neatly put into places. I sometimes organize like that and in a week I'm sitting once again in the middle of the mess.

  4. Oh how I hear you....same here. Got a lovely pencil holder case thingy here recently and I still found pencils that won't fit in. As for pens, and you bought cases?....I have bins - yes you heard it BINS! So with this I pat you on the back Robin for your faith in organising, but please don't think you can hold your breath, it's a myth! ;)

  5. I think you need a bigger studio! :-D

  6. oh, sooo recognizable, haha :-) I just got some new markers and some new pencils, and now I have about ten (no, more) different containers and it's still not enough. I still haven't found a good way to organize them. Some have to be upright, some have to lay down, .... An artist's life isn't easy ... ;-) I'll keep following to see how you solve this!


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