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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Noah? Is That You….?

It's been raining here.....for days....
Over the weekend we had 18 1/2 inches of rain, and it's still coming down!
It's not a part of Harvey, 'just' a low parked over our heads that's refusing to move. I never knew there was so much moisture in a cloud! 

The roads have turned into rivers and lakes, dotted with cars that float by because they had the mistaken idea they could get through. 

Businesses are closed, they've closed the schools.......kids are swimming in the streets with their pool toys! 

And I swear I think I feel something growing between my toes…..


  1. OMG! You have to do something with those toes!!

  2. How the heck have you sneaked over here to see my toes!!!!!

  3. :-O So much of our news has been focused on Texas. Never even heard you have had so much rain. The Weather dudes have been talking about Tropical Storm #10 which may turn into Irma coming up the coast to South Carolina and getting blown out to sea. We may ge a few showers mid-week from this storm.

    Mushrooms look better on pizza than toes. Hope the rains stop soon. Stay safe.

  4. wow, sounds nasty .... Hope the rain will drift away soon .... (and take your mushrooms with them ;-) )

  5. I'm late visiting this week. Sorry to hear about the rain and your toes.I hope they've both cleared up.


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