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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thoughts on a Thursday

Reminiscent thoughts on a Thursday.....aka 'Lies “They” Told Me Growing Up'.......

Permanent Record: They used this one on me all through high school. “This will go on your permanent record!” Until I wised up and realized, who the hell cares and who is going to see it once I’m out of this education prison?

It was used again when I was in the workplace. My reply was always, “Go ahead! Put it on my ‘permanent record”! (adding air quotes) I would say.

Which would ultimately lead to:
You HAVE to sign this.
I don’t HAVE to sign anything.

I actually had one supervisor who locked me in a conference room saying I couldn’t get out until I signed the ‘final warning’ she had written up on me. Great! I’ll stay here all day (I hated that job anyway, so keeping me away from it was a win for me!) Kinda backfired on her, huh? Lol


  1. What on earth did you do to get a 'final warning'? 😃😳😃

  2. Me thinks you were a bit of a Rebel, lol. Actually I'm impressed, wish I had been that brave. Husband says I was just a Goodie Goodie.......yeah, of course, I was ;)

  3. Well! Who's been a naughty girl then??

  4. I quit a job at a State hospital where the conditions were pretty bad. Took me a year and a half to "see" much of the horribleness. I put in my 2 week resignation and head nurse brought it back to me, stating I had to write down my reason. In huge letters - across the page - I wrote, "BECAUSE I WANT TO'". Back to admin it went only to be brought back with a note that I had to write a real reason. I started writing (on the job) all of the crap that I'd seen happen in that hospital...which turned out to be a 6 page typewritten document. I then mailed a copy to the Governor of VA among other State offices and was served a strong warning that if I didn't 'shut my mouth' I would be taken to court. They were serious. Nothing else ever came of my letter, but it sure felt good to do NOTHING but show up the last week I was there.

  5. The last one made me laugh. You can't leave the conference room table until you sign the liver! :-D


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