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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Thoughts on a Thursday

I am a Petulant Child….

I don’t know if any of you noticed but I’ve been kind of ‘hit and miss’ online lately. I haven’t been answering emails as quickly as usual. I haven’t been on Facebook ‘liking’ things as much or commenting on your blog posts. In general I haven’t been connected to the ‘internets’. 

My computer was dying a slow and painful death so Husband, in his infinite wisdom, decided he needed to ‘wipe it clean’ and upgrade it to Windows 10.

I was all for it if it meant I could get back to normal and do all the things I needed/wanted to do online.
Silly me!

After having Windows 10 for a few days now I can say with complete conviction……I DO NOT LIKE IT!

I don’t mind the ‘tiles’ and looking more like an android device. I’m used to the way my phone and Tabley look and operate, so that part is okay.

My desk top is back to the way it used to look…..except the icons are a fraction of the size they used to be (not a good thing for these old eyes.) I know I can make them bigger but it’s the principle of the thing, not to mention the bigger you make the icons the more you lose resolution in pictures and other media…..

I can’t find my programs……alphabetical or not I find them grouped in an un-intuitive way…..

Husband was tired of hearing me bitch so he put my old wallpaper back on my desktop thinking that would make me feel more comfortable and make it SEEM like it was the old PC…..NOT.

I admit it’s running faster and better than it has in some time….BUT…..it’s just not RIGHT.

AND to top it off.......I had to upgrade Photoshop. To the SUBSCRIPTION/CLOUD based version!!!!
I am  diametrically opposed to 'the cloud'. I don't trust it, I am suspicious of who is doing what with all that data and it's just a matter of time until some pimply faced hacker gets into it and exposes all our stuff to the world......not to mention that in four years of monthly payments I could have bought the program outright!!!! ARGH........

All of this makes me cranky and short tempered and just plain unhappy.

In other words, I DON’T LIKE CHANGE! I guess my age is showing….once again. 


  1. I feel you!
    I've had windows 10 for about a year and a half now, maybe longer, don't remember, and it was a pain in the ass and everywhere else in the beginning and beyond that.
    But now I'm quite used to this, so be patient, patient.

    The older we get the less we appreciate changes.

    Damn :(

  2. Poor you. Change isn't always fun or easy. Sometimes I wonder why if it isn't broke don't fix it doesn't apply. I think that sentence got away from me. But as a former computer programmer, changes keep people employed. Hang in there.

  3. The WORST. My kids take technology problems in stride...while I (large capital I) go into a tailspin. Not pretty. My sympathies.


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