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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Inktober 2018 #6 Through #13

#6 drooling

#7 exhausted

#8 star

#9 precious 
(couldn't think of anything for precious so I did Oc-TOE-ber instead)

#10 flowing (liquid soap flows!)

#11 cruel 
(she thought it was cruel she didn't have straight hair like her sisters) 

#12 whale

#13 guarded (he's my guard dog) 

At least I'm keeping up! (more or less....)


  1. These are so fabulous, Robin! I envy people who can draw!
    That drooling is hilarious. I also envy people in movies, they sleep so beautifully, never drooling in their sleep. I almost drown in my spittle :D
    Exhausted! That pose truly tells the story!
    That curly hair, indeed, quite curly. It must have taken ages for you to draw all those curls!

  2. You have such fun ideas, Robin! I wonder what he is drooling for ... The girl has awesome curls and the guard dog is so cute! Great drawings!

  3. Too fun. I love the guard dog. And it's a great feeling to keep up


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