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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Shhhhhh, Don't Tell Anyone I Didn't Plan it That Way!

  It’s About Where You Draw The Target
The story is about a prince who becomes a master archer. The prince excels to such a point that he believes he’s the finest archer in the world. On his journey homeward, the prince stops in a small town to get something to drink. Across from the tavern, the prince sees a barn with painted targets along the entire side of the barn. And, there is a single arrow, dead center in every target on the barn. 

How could such a master archer be living in this small town? Finally, the prince sees this young boy and asks him. “It was me,” says the boy. “Show me,” demands the prince.

They stand. The boy takes aim. The boy hits the side of the barn, far away from any of the targets. Then, the boy runs into the barn. He emerges with a brush and a can of paint. He paints a solid circle around the arrow he has just shot, then two more circles to form a target. 
“That’s how I do it. First, I shoot the arrow, and then I paint the target."

And THIS is what we should ALL remember! No one will ever know you didn't hit the target....unless you tell them! 

(note to self: remember this on the days when you feel like you can't even hit the barn!)

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