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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

OMG…I’m Even Boring Myself!

I don’t know about you guys, but for some time now I find my posts are getting…..shall we say, less than scintillating. I thought by using the cartoons as ‘fillers’ so to speak, it would give me time to come up with more interesting posts for the other days. Apparently, I was wrong……insert sad face here……

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Should I just call it a day? Retire the blog? It has been over eight years…..that’s about seven and a half years longer than I expected! LOL

But I don’t think I want to end it altogether. I like having a place to come to and connect with you! And yes, let’s face it, I like ‘showing off’ the things I make and write!

So I’m thinking I’m going to end the cartoons and go back to why I started this space to begin with. Sharing my art and telling stories.

BUT…..I’m going to give myself a break and not post every day. I’m still working on which days or even if it will be set days. And I think I will also do some ‘re-runs’ of previous posts…..maybe…….possibly…….I’m still ruminating on all this and trying to work out in my head what I really want to do……

So, forgive any bumps in the road as I go forward from here. I’ll try my best to get it right!


  1. I always thought I'd start blogging once I retired (14 months, but who's counting!). I suspect trying to do this every day gets stressful. It always seemed to me that blogging should be for your enjoyment...what we get is bonus! Relax and find out what works best for you...we'll keep enjoying your posts!

  2. i think every blogger hits that spot. Since I went to themed days, I find it much easier as there's a topic to blog about. You'll find what works best for you. And we'll be here, stalk...er...reading what you have to say.

  3. I love seeing your posts on your art and your stories best of all. No pressure just post when you have something you want to share. We'll be waiting Lol!


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