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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Here's How You Do It

How do you and your wimpy wife lift a 250 lb. oven/microwave up and into the cabinet without causing all sorts of damage/pain and possible divorce proceedings?????
You 'bunk' it, that's how!!!!!

Sometimes Husband's ideas are a bit.......questionable.....but in this case he was downright BRILLIANT!

I had never heard of this procedure but it really was pretty easy, if not time consuming.

First you measure how high you need the bunk to be, multiple times just to make sure your math is correct.......then you cut as many 2x4's as it takes to reach that height making sure they are long enough to support the oven. Then you get wifey to help by stacking the boards underneath the oven as you hold it up.

So.....picture Husband lifting one side, as I slip a 2x4 under that side. Then we switch to the other side and repeat. When we've gotten two 2x4's stacked Husband screws them together for stability. Then we repeat the process for each side....lift, slide, screw....lift, slide, screw.....alternating the direction of the boards for steadiness until it's just the right height....except it's not because....well, let's just say SOMEONE mentioned that the weight of the oven was compressing the 2x4's and the math might not be exact.....not naming names here....
So......we have to 'unstack' the last four rows to get it down to where SOMEONE had slipped in  unauthorized pieces of wood......un-screw, un-slide, lower......un-screw, un-slide, lower.....and then reverse the process AGAIN using the CORRECT pieces of wood...........lift, slide, screw....lift, slide, screw!

We finally got it to the right height and were able to slide the oven into the waiting cabinet. It was perfect! It all lined up and worked just like Husband said it would.

And I apologized for doubting his math.........



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