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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Greatly Anticipated........

......(semi-finished) reveal!
Just in time for Turkey Day.......it's functional. Not that I know how any of the new appliances work....lol. (There is a strong possibility we might end up eating out on Thanksgiving because I burned the turkey in my new oven that I don't really understand.....yet.)
But we are tickled pink at how it looks! There is still a bunch to be done....trim, shutters, banquette in the eating area, new table and chairs, pull-outs for the cabinets, retro-fitting those two drawers where the island outlets are, etc......but that will come in time (and with more $$$.)


  1. OMG, it looks so cool and efficient!

  2. Awesome! It looks so sleek! And huge! I'd give up cooking just so it would stay so clean and gorgeous.

    With all the remodel, did you carve out a space for your art?

  3. It's gorgeous, Robin! Good luck with the turkey!

  4. Wow, your hard work has paid off. It's looking beautiful and efficient!


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