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Sunday, June 5, 2011

I am Learning Many Things on this Artistic Journey

Mostly about myself.

One, I much prefer bright and saturated colors.

Two, I don’t paint (am incapable of painting) in a loose style. (This is why I’m now enrolled in Alisa Burke’s Watercolor Bliss class.)

Three, I am impatient and want to create a masterpiece in a ‘moment’!

I worked on this particular piece for over two weeks, on and off. I’ve rendered it in five different ways (well, two of them were watercolor, so I guess for honesty’s sake it was really only four different ways. But I PAINTED it five times!)

I liked it when I started but now I am just DONE with it. lol

Maybe, given time, I’ll come back to it with a better appreciation.


I found a picture of a quaint street online and sketched it, refined it a bit (just to make my life easier.)

That took two or three try’s. I scanned it into Photoshop and added color. Just as a reference. 
Next I tried it in colored pencil, then markers, then finally watercolor.

I was also trying to loosen up (to no avail!)

All this was in preparation for the 'real' one on a larger piece of watercolor paper.
I guess I just have a ‘stay inside the lines’ kind of mentality :(


  1. You're being too critical of yourself Robin - I like each version, job to choose. I do get the same issues though so I understand where you are coming from. Our son took a photo in Italy a while back, gave me the photo to play with but to date I have only done a quick watercolour sketch of it. May be one day this week I'll put on my blog so you can see what I am on about and you can check out the style, the buildings look uncannily like your photo! I'll shut up now....ann.

  2. Ann, you always make me feel better! Thanks!

  3. There's nothing wrong with staying between the lines...especially since you are good at it! These street-scapes are wonderful. And I actually do think they are "loose" in that the lines are not perfectly rectilinear and your renderings have such color! It makes for fun and informal images. I think these are GREAT!

  4. Thank you, Elizabeth! I consider that quite a compliment!

  5. I really like the style you've done these building in. I think I prefer the ones with more saturated colour. Nice job!


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