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Saturday, June 25, 2011

En Plein Air

Does it still count as ‘en plein air’ if you’re sitting in your air conditioned car (because it’s 97° and the sun is beating down like a scene from Lawrence of Arabia) while sketching the lamp posts outside the library? LOL
So, I sort of dipped my toe into the ‘public’ sketching arena. (The woman in the car next to me noticed!)  It’s definitely a new path for me. 


  1. Love the sketch..and I think it still counts as en plein air even though you were in your car escaping the heat! btw, my husband is completely envious as he LOVES the sunshine and heat:).....ann.

  2. Your sketch is beautiful. It would be a new experience for me too, one that I'm not quite ready for. Still not enough confidence to sketch in public. Well done you!!

  3. I love this sketch. You should by all means keep going down that "en plein air" path! Stay cool!

  4. Oh how I have enjoyed my visit to your blog this evening. The sketches are lovely, and the stories warm my heart. Way to go on being brave and sketching/painting in public. I am still not there yet, and may never be....
    Have a wonderfulg day!

  5. LOL - what ever a wonderfulg day is... I am sure it something really great!


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