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Monday, June 27, 2011

Mommy Moments

December 1986.

Son1 is six months old, happily lazing in the playpen.

I am baking Christmas cookies.

Nat King Cole is playing on the stereo and I am singing along.

It’s unusually warm so I have the front door open. As I bake and sing, I dance back and forth between the kitchen and my beautiful baby boy.

At some point I pick him up and we dance around the living room, singing and laughing and just enjoying what I will come to call a ‘mommy moment’.

As I twirl around, I see the mailman standing outside the front door watching me with my son.

I freeze, starting to feel embarrassed, but then I realize he’s smiling at us, enjoying this moment as much as I (not to mention the cookies I left for him in the mailbox!)

 I throw my head back and laugh out loud and continue to dance with my son in my arms.

Christmas, cookies, beautiful baby, all is right with the world.

(a special memory on this special day)
Happy Birthday baby boy!

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  1. Ahh...lovely moments we all treasure. thanks for sharing.....ann.


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