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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Watercolor Bliss Lesson 4

I’m in Alisa Burke’s Watercolor Bliss online class.

This is lesson 4:
Add variations of color and value to add depth, to find control and comfort when working with different brush sizes, explore how you can use lines to add details and washes to your subject matter.”

Sounds simple enough. Looks simple enough when she demonstrates.


This is what I get:
Uninspired, flat, dull, boring, uninteresting, tedious, dreary, unexciting, lackluster, mind-numbing, lifeless………I could go on.

What am I doing wrong here? Any suggestions?  I thought I followed Alisa’s directions. Apparently not. LOL
(I do see I need more contrast with the background color. This was a poor choice.)

Although, these two aren’t complete disasters.
I think this one could use more pen detail.

(I like squares, LOL!)

Okay, deep breath, chin up, soldier on and PRACTICE. PRACTICE, PRACTICE!
Don't you just hate it when it's not perfect on the first (or second, or third...) try? LOL


  1. Hi Robin - your flower is really good its:
    Inspired, has a 3d effect, lovely bright colour, catches the eye whilst drawing the eye into it, crisp, interesting, cheerful, surprising, vibrant, makes you think about it, wakes the viewer to keep looking at it.....I could go on! :)

  2. Oh, Ann! You are so kind! (and my new best friend!)

  3. Very nice, actually. And I like your squares. But then, I'm addicted to circles...


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