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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Self Portrait

Photo Silly Lesson 4
"Today’s task is to create a self portrait without
you in it. Create a scene or still life that represents you... something that others would immediately recognize as being about you. Oh yeah, the shot has to be taken from a very low camera angle. Less than 2 feet off the ground. (Like a frog hopped into your office or studio to get a sense of who you are.)"

Okay, I cheated a little using my feet. But I think this is pretty indicative of who I am.
99.44% of the time I am barefoot (hate shoes.) The white background is because from the outside I look normal (and bland.) The markers are to show that inside I am bursting with color (and my medium of choice at the moment.) And the angle is because I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I am “off the wall”. (I took this from below, looking up at my feet leaning against a wall.)
This lesson forced me to get out the manual. Thanks, Steve! Whether I retain this new information is yet to be seen! LOL


  1. So this was really making you think on your feet then!!

  2. LOL! A woman after my own heart! A fellow 'punster'! (Should we form the club now or later?)


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