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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lesson 10 Photo Silly

Instructions: Show me how to do something that you are an expert at using four photographs and no words. Could be a step-by-step or just descriptive shots... the only restriction is that you use only photographs. Your subject could be anything.

So with my mission clearly defined, I gleefully went about my task! 

(All kidding aside, I really am learning so much in this ‘silly’ little class! I have learned more about my camera in just a week than in all the years I've had it! And in such a fun and entertaining way! Kudos to Steve for making it all so easy and non-threatening! I really recommend this class to anyone who wants to expand their photographic skill and knowledge.)

(footnote: reason it's called 'Wilsonade' is because we call our lime tree 'Wilson'. Long boring story, don't ask, just think Castaway with Tom Hanks.)

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