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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One a Day (and then some!)

I kept myself to the promise of drawing at least one imaginary creature a day for this month’s Sketchbook Challenge theme.
Sometimes I got on a roll and did more than one a day.
Some I really like, some….meh.
But I did stick to it! 
Regardless of the outcome I DID IT! 
Yay me! 
(A little self congratulatory happy dance is in order here I think! LOL)
So here’s a collage of all the creatures I created this month. Some made it to the Flickr group, some didn’t. 


  1. CONGRATULATIONS ROBIN YOU DID IT! I knew you would:) Personally I didn't keep up with the SkChallenge over the last week, we have been busy - I am now on Catch-up with Blogs, but so glad so get back and find you completed your self imposed challenge.

  2. Wow...I love these creatures, especially the green, purple bird like creature. You have such a wonderful imagination. Love it!

  3. Yay for you, Robin!! Good discipline. I love all your critters. You've got a great imagination. Wonder if you could tie them all in to a story, somehow.............

  4. Way to go!!! I wish I managed to commit myself to create something every day, and I love doing imaginary creatures, and haven't done any for so very very long! Yours look great!


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