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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Great Grandma had a Hatpin

She gave it to my mother when my mother moved to Manhattan.
“For protection.’ said great Grandma.
My mother said it came in very handy on the subway, where she would use it on men who would get just a little too ‘familiar’.
Can you imagine this sinking into your thigh?
(You didn't mess with my mother! LOL)


  1. THAT is FUNNY! :) I have seen some of those old hat pins and they are pretty wicked! My daughter and I have made some to embellish cards, but they aren't as mean as those old ones were. :D

    Happy Day!

  2. I reckon your great grandma was a force of her own too!

  3. Ruh Roh! (MY thoughts when you saw the title in my reading list) Now how did I know that?

  4. It's steampunk! A Victorian taser. Lol

  5. Can you imagine? That looks like it could do some damage too!

  6. Oh my :D So that's what she used when a chat about baked apples didn't cut it?! LOL :)


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